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Call for Papers: Spotlight on your research


One of the  possibilities offered by GeQuInDi is exchange, i.e. the exchange of researchers and research in cooperation with Hochschulpolitik and Wissenschaftsmanagement. In this regard, we suggest a panel “Spotlight on your research“ to strengthen this mutual exchange.
It is a kind of scientific speed dating. We would have thought of three contributions of 5 minutes each, which could be followed by a discussion. For the whole panel we would need about 20 to 30 minutes. These panels should ideally
be part of every GeQuInDi meeting. What are you currently working on in your field of research? What keeps
you busy at the moment in your work in Wissenschaftsmanagement or in Hochschulpolitik? What questions are driving you? What do you find particularly exciting now? What do you want to present? To what end do you need the input of others?

Please send your suggestions and short proposals to gequindi@uni-bayreuth.de or to Elena.Koestner@uni-bayreuth.de
We will then coordinate the proposals received and let you know which papers and proposals will be presented and discussed at the next meeting.

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