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Symposium: Situating Postcolonial Thinking and Intervention Approaches

07.05.2021 - 08.05.2021

Thiago Pinto Barbosa, member of the UBT working group Anthropology of Global Inequalities, invites those who are interested to the symposium “Situating postcolonial thinking and intervention approaches”. The event will take place on zoom on 7th and 8th May. The program includes a panel discussion on decolonial and anti-racism activism, a film screening + talk on indigenous territorial rights, a poetry performance by Lahya, and a lecture by our colleague Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni, among others.  The symposium is organized by two UBT students - Semina Eder and Vanessa Jüttner who are supervised by Thiago, with organizational help of the chair of social and cultural anthropology.

Full program and registration details can be seen in the attachment or in the link: https://www.ethnologie.uni-bayreuth.de/pool/dokumente/news/210428_ausfuehrliches-Programm_Symposium_postkolonialesDenken.pdf

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