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Sarah Böllinger

becks, Iwalewahaus, BIGSAS

Visual Representation of Disability in the Middle Class of Nairobi
PhD Project by Sarah Böllinger

My research project on visual representation of disability among Nairobi’s middle class is set up as an aesthetic-visual studies reflection of photos that I will collect during two research trips to Nairobi. My interdisciplinary approach between Visual Culture Studies and Disability Studies enables me to develop a new aesthetic cast on the discourse of disability in Kenya. My work will study the idea of the perfect, the imperfect, the fragmented body and body imaginaries. I will apply semiotic approaches, codification, deconstruction and “Aufladung” as a reflection of ‘the aesthetic‘. Possible photographic methods like “Zerstückelung, Dekonstruktion und Detaillierung“ will be analyzed to understand the representations of the disabled body among Nairobi’s middle class.

  • RESEARCH INTERESTS: Contemporary Arts in East-Africa, Disability Aesthetics, Disability Studies, Curatorial Studies, Visual Culture
  • Relevante Publikationen: Böllinger, Sarah (2013). "PIGAPICHA! – 100 Years of Studio Photography in Nairobi". In: Iwalewa: Four Views into Contemporary Africa. Catalogue. Bounakoff, Pierre-Nicolas, Katharina Greven and Nadine Siegert (ed./eds.). Bordeaux: Iwalewahaus/MC2A/LAM. 66-75.

becks, Iwalewahaus, BIGSAS

Sarah Böllinger
Leiterin des Büros des Beauftragten für behinderte und chronisch kranke Studierende

E-Mail: sarah-boellinger@uni-bayreuth.de

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Miriam Bauch

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