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Netzwerk „Gender, Queer, Intersectionality und Diversity Studies“

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Panel Discussion: How to do Intersectionality?

19. September 2019, 13-16 UhrLocation: Hugo-Rüdel-Str.8Panelists: Sumi Cho, Susan Arndt und Xin LiChair: Shirin Assa

Intersectionality analysis is often said to be easily theorised yet hard to be applied in praxis; it is somewhat ‘undoable’ in the sense that it is impossible for any analytical work to fully capture the fluid, multi-directional and complex dynamics of a social movement or a political struggle. The panel discussion focuses on the methodology and ethics of doing intersectionality analyses, featuring experts on the issue from both Germany and the United States in conversation with young scholars rising to the challenges of our time. The panel discussion not only explores intersectionality as a concept, a theoretical framework and a methodology, but also its implications on the process of policy making and activism, especially at a time where white identity politics sees its rise on the social and political scenes throughout the world.

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