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Network „Gender, Queer, Intersectionality and Diversity Studies“

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Name Function
Nikitta Dede Adjirakor Post-doctoral researcher
Somaye Akbari Research Associate
Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber Professor of Social Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt Professor of English Literature and Transcultural Studies
Shirin Assa Research Associate (Professorship of English Studies and Anglophone Literatures)
Anna Madeleine Ayeh Research Associate
Thiago Pinto Barbosa Research Associate
Miriam Bauch Head of the Stabsabteilung Chancengleichheit
Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends Professor of Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Karin Birkner Professor of German Linguistics
Dr. Tanu Biswas Post-doctoral researcher
Dr. Amiel Bize Research Associate
Sarah Böllinger Head of the Büro des Beauftragten für behinderte und chronisch kranke Studierende
Prof. Dr. Jeanne Cortiel Professor of American Studies
Julia Dittmann Ph.D. candidate at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ernst Professor for Theatre Studies
Dr. Mario Faust-Scalisi Research Associate*
Dr. Katharina Fink Iwalewahaus
Maren Haffke Academic Advisor (Digital and Audiovisual Media, Sound/Digital Sound)
Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger, LL.M. (NYU) Professor for Civil Law, Business Law and Technology Law
Prof. Dr. Christine Hanke Professor of Digital and Audio-Visual Media
Prof. Dr. Matthew Hannah Professor of Cultural Geography
Anna-Lisa Holz Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Lehrstuhl für Psychologie
Dr. des. Valerie Nur Research associate and scholarship holder of the Bavarian Government to support women's equality in science and teaching
Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott Research Consultant at the Office of Research Support; Science communication
Dr. Nadine Hufnagel Research Assistant for Medieval German Philology
Dr. Jan Hutta Research Assistant for Cultural Geography
Dr. Fulera Issaka-Toure Postdoctoral Researcher
Numaira Khan Student
Dr. Christine-Maria Klapeer Associate
Nicole Klug Consulting and Accessibility
PD Dr. Susanne Knaeble Research Associate
Emilie Köhler Associated Member
Prof. Dr. Kordula Knaus Professor of Musicology
Dr. Elena Köstner Coordinator Coaching and Mentoring Programmes
Dr. Marie-Anne Kohl Research Assistant for Musical Theatre
Andrea Kreuzer Central Study Guidance
Xin Li Ph.D. candidate for Anglophone Literature
Dr. Katrin Losleben Research Assistant for Musical Theatre
Dr. Doris Löhr Academic coordinator of the resort Internationalisation & Public Engagement
Dr. Aminata Cécile Mbaye Research Associate
Eleni Milona Ph. D. candidate
Prof. Dr. Anno Mungen Professor for Musical Theatre
Maria Muster Research Associate
Saumya Premchander Research Associate
Veronika Rudolf, M.A. Research Associate in Media Studies
Joyce Abla Sango Research Associate
Joh Sarre Ph.D. candidate for Social Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Katharina Schramm Professor of Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Paula Schrode Professor for the Study of Religion
Mihir Sharma Research Assistant for Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Kristin Skottki Junior Professor for Medieval History
Julia Spitznagel Research Associate
Dr. Lena Stölzl Research Associate
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Obermaier Former Member
Dr. Katharina Rost Former Member

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